Wind and Solar Assessment


 We pride ourselves on being flexible in energy assessments, as one approach does not fit all projects. Different climate regimes and terrain pose complex challenges that we assess on a project-by-project basis, using different methodologies to find the most accurate prediction of each project’s resource. 

Our experience with assessments from prospecting to financing, through operation and into repowering provides you with optimal project design and accurate energy assessments to help you make informed decisions from the early scoping phases to project financing. 

Renewable energy assessments are never straightforward. Our experience and approach allow us to be nimble and adjust to changes in land under control, changes in turbine models or OEMs, panel and design changes, and modifications to site layouts due to permitting issues.

Due Diligence


With the increasingly competitive environment of renewable energy development, risk assessment and mitigation are critical to successful renewable energy projects. Potential fatal flaws need to be identified early in the process so you can focus on feasible, suitable, and profitable projects. 

ReGenerate’s experience in every phase of a project life cycle allows us quickly to understand those risks and mitigate them in all phases, from prospecting to commissioning. Our ability to provide accurate results quickly regardless of project size or complexity is crucial during competitive bids, the procurement process, and project financing. 

Our breadth of experience allows us to be responsive to the needs of our clients, ensuring that projects are built on time, technically sound, and profitable. 

Design Optimization


ReGenerate excels at project optimization.  We have an extensive history of adding millions of dollars of value to projects by improving the design.  

Tools exist to optimize projects, but achieving the best results requires an expert user who understands the technical, personal and financial aspects of developing a successful project. 

Our hands-on approach is a multi-faceted process to maximize production while reducing costs. 

Too often, consultants only approach renewable projects from the standpoint of maximizing production, while ignoring factors that could increase the installed cost. Our experience with pre-construction energy assessments, site suitability, construction, development, and operation allow us to see all aspects of a project’s production and cost.  

Sound and Shadow Flicker


Sound and shadow flicker concerns can complicate project development. We integrate sound and flicker into our design, so you can mitigate potential issues early in project development. 

As projects evolve, we can update the analysis rapidly based on turbine or layout changes, or new parameters defined by local ordinances. Our experience will help you optimize your project while complying with local and regional policies and permitting requirements. 

When it comes time for permitting, we are a reputable 3rd party that can provide your final reports for permitting and financing.  

We are also experts in communicating with the public and permitting agencies.  We can provide testimony or engage with the public to explain our results.  

Operational Assessment


 With decades of experience working for independent power providers, we have developed state-of-the-art methods to assess renewable plant operational performance. 

Our experience allows us to use the increasingly complex operational data from modern renewable facilities to perform advanced data reviews. We identify how much energy you should be producing and identify the potential causes for underperformance to help realize potential output, decrease maintenance costs, and validate production estimates. 

Our assessments quantify losses due to curtailment, turbine availability, force majeure events, grid outages, or other events that affect a project’s production. Our reports can be used for refinancing with updated long-term production estimates.  

Reliability Engineering


Operational data can tell you that you have a problem, but it takes an expert reliability engineer to figure out how to fix it. 

Whether you are a seasoned operator or a new entrant in the owner/operator space, we can assist with a deeper understanding of your technology. Even if you have a long-term service agreement, it is always wise to have a team on your side reviewing your service provider.  No one is as motivated as you are to ensure optimal long-term reliability.

ReGenerate can coach fleets to choose and implement a commercial solution or design in-house tools to transform SCADA data into quantitative tools to improve performance and reliability. We help you streamline and automate fleet-wide reporting to stay ahead of GADS requirements and help inform business decisions. 

Resource Assessment Review


So much rides on the 'bankable' assessment; make sure your project is realizing its full value.  ReGenerate specializes in reviewing other consultants' work to correct errors and improper assumptions.  Typical improvement from review is around 1.5% of P50, which can equate to millions in value.  

Site Suitability


To succeed in the world of low off-take pricing, you must have the most competitive project. Successful projects have to be at the edge of design margins to maximize ROI. Choosing the optimum technology for each site is critical. We have years of experience, including behind the curtain with OEMs, and will ensure you have the best technology for your wind and solar projects.  

Operational Data Management


As renewable energy projects become more sophisticated, more data is collected and requirements for complying with NERC continue to become more complex.  It is critical to understand what data is available and how that data is useful to help maximize the output and efficiency of your project. ReGenerate can design or choose a commercial data management system so that what is useful for the short, medium, and long term is readily available for different phases of a project’s life.  

Meteorological Management


ReGenerate can manage your entire meteorological campaign.  We can locate, install, maintain and QC.   We check tower, SODAR and LIDAR data daily and let you know if something isn't right.  Every month, you'll receive a report on your data quality and a fully cleaned data file (.windog).  

Strategic Support


Everyone at ReGenerate has a minimum of 10 years' experience developing, constructing and operating renewable plants.  We're not a typical consultant that can only answer the question you're asking; we're here to help solve your problems, no matter how complex.  

Other Services


ReGenerate is here to help.  We've recently helped clients with power performance testing, site prospecting, measuring KPIs, public forums, training, construction scheduling, site calibration, setting renewable energy goals, site visits, forecasting and more.  If you've got a renewable energy problem, we'll solve it.